Ultimate Guide: How To Catch More Customers Using Luxury Corrugated Boxes?

Luxury Corrugated Boxes

One of the easiest ways to catch the eye of a customer is by using fancy packaging. And it’s not just about making your package stand out in a sea of brown boxes—it’s about saying something about your brand. Luxury corrugated boxes are an inexpensive way to make an impression.

To create a luxury box, you must first understand the psychology behind luxury. Luxury is a feeling; it is the experience of being catered to. A luxury box, by nature, is meant to be attractive and impressive; it should feel indulgent to open. To get that feeling across to your customers, you’ll have to put in a little extra effort.

This is why it’s important to know how to catch more customers using corrugated boxes wholesale. You’ll want to turn a simple box into something that will stand out from the rest—and these tips will help:

Beautify Your Box With Shiny Elements:

The first thing that comes to mind when we think “luxury” is something that shines and glistens. Shiny plastic or foil will give your box a look that will get attention from buyers’ eyes. This could be anything from metallic color or design to rhinestone embellishment.

There’s also a great variety of metallic foils that can be added to the outside of your corrugated boxes, which will catch light as customers carry it around. Shiny elements give the consumer a sense of luxury that can be conveyed in many ways. Once you have the box in hand, it will sparkle and shine.

Create A Fanciful Fold:

Another way is by adding a fanciful fold. There are many different folds for corrugated boxes,  but the most common and effective ones are French and Snowflake folds. These folds not only add an element of fun, but they also give your box an extra layer to it and make it stand out from others when presented on a shelf or in a catalog.

The Snowflake fold is also known as a “magic” fold because it gives an illusion of a box vanishing into thin air.

Use High-Quality Printing:

Adding high-quality printing will make your brand stand out. You need to make sure that your logo and information on your product are clear so that the consumer knows what they’re getting!

A luxury corrugated box should be eye-catching, and if it’s printed with low quality materials or colors that fade over time, it will date itself before its time. When consumers see quality printing, they know that there is quality control behind the product and brand.

Offer Customization Options:

Luxury corrugated boxes are often available with some degree of customization. This means that you’ll be able to choose from an array of different color options, or even add a logo or design on the lid of the box for an additional fee.

Giving customers these options makes it easier for them to feel connected with your business and more likely to recall it later on if they’re looking for another product like the one you sold them before.

Be Unique In Your Approach:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to package your products in standard boxes that are available at any office supply store. Instead, you want to select packaging that will reflect your own personality and the personality of your business.

You want something that customers won’t be able to find anywhere else. When you create your corrugated boxes and launch them into the market, the first thing that people notice is how you approach them. In other words, your marketing strategy defines how potential customers will receive your product or service.

Smooth Finishing:

When it comes down to it, corrugated boxes are all about presentation. Smooth finishing is also an important aspect when it comes down to packaging products. It will make the overall look appealing to your customers.

Make sure that your luxury corrugated boxes are well-finished. And that they have smooth edges so that there won’t be any risk of the product getting damaged during shipping.


The bottom line is that if you’re thinking of switching over to corrugated boxes. Or if you’ve just started using them in your business. Make sure that you at least give the boxes a fair chance. You can do this by starting small and using the boxes for shipments with lower value. Once you see how well the boxes work for you. Though chances are good that you’ll be more satisfied with their performance. And if your customers are happy with their experience too, then all your hard work in finding the right box will have been worth it.

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