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Luxury Rigid Boxes:

Tired of ordinary packaging boxes for your heavy and luxurious products? We care about the emotions of how much effort is invested in bringing your products to the market. But it’s not their fault if they are not producing enough results. They deserve a specific identity that is a highly built packaging box. You need to avail yourself of Luxury Rigid Boxes by custom luxury boxes. These boxes are made with solid cardboard materials that make them solid enough to provide pressure-bearing protection to your sensitive products. With limitless varieties, you can choose a suitable rigid costume for your product, whether your brand needs Collapsible Boxes to maintain their strength during shipping or Shoulder Boxes to provide an aesthetic closure experience with so many closure options such as Magnetic Closure Boxes to provide an aesthetic unboxing experience to the customer. CLB is one of the best custom box manufacturers to provide a unique base to boost your product’s sales with a new, unique identity. Don’t miss a chance to provide a new reputation for your product with suitable custom luxury box packaging.

What Are Luxury Rigid Boxes

Luxury Rigid boxes are also known as gift boxes or chipboard. These are study paper-based boxes consisting of a high thickness (2-3mm). Imagine going through a store shelf and seeing plain cardboard boxes lined up. How would you feel? A normal person would be bored and pick up anything that comes his way. There will be thousands of products of the same kind, but the packaging differentiates one product from another. Hence your packaging should be a hit.

Want to know the key features of luxury packaging? Here are a few of them

  • The packaging of the box should be coherent with the product.
  • Visually attractive to grab customers' attention.
  • Made with sturdy and durable material to protect your product during shipping
  • Good packaging should be convenient.
  • User-friendly
  • Economical
  • Highly communicative

Custom luxury boxes are your one-stop solution for personalized rigid cardboard boxes. We have impeccable printing technologies that manufacture packaging solutions at the most affordable prices. We strive to satisfy thousands of customers and stand beyond expectations. From selecting your desired custom luxury rigid boxes to delivery, we'll be there to assist you with everything.

Key Uses And Benefits Of Custom Luxury Rigid Boxes 

A company's name is built with its customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction comes with providing quality products every time. Custom luxury rigid boxes are made of sturdy and durable material that protects your product during transit. What makes rigid box packaging special?

  • Our rigid packaging is sturdy material to protect your item from any external damage.
  • Material is extremely resistant to moisture hence preserving the freshness and essence of your product. For example, our rigid boxes are best for all products if you want to pack any eatery like a hot dog, donuts, ice creams, etc.
  • Rigid boxes are extremely user-friendly hence easy to pack and unpack.
  • Custom luxury rigid packaging can be customized in multiple shapes and sizes.
  • Rigid boxes serve as a strong branding tool to market your product; hence use custom luxury boxes unlimited customization options and give your box a striking appearance.

Premium Quality Materials

CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES completely understands the importance of good quality packaging; hence we never compromise on our selection of materials. CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES uses premium quality materials to make custom rigid boxes that elevate your brand's reputation in the market. Our plethora of enthralling custom luxury rigid boxes include:

  • Cardboard material
  • Corrugated material
  • Cardstock paper material
  • Kraft paper material

Every item has a particular shape and size. Hence it's important to ensure that your product reaches your customers in a presentable manner. Any destruction to the presentation will diminish your brand’s image. Custom rigid boxes will protect your item at every stage.

Latest Printing Technology And Methods

Custom luxury boxes with their total in-house production offer you a plethora of customized display counter packaging boxes in the UK that convince consumers to purchase your products. Therefore our marketing experts work day in and day out with our designing team to provide you with classy rigid packaging boxes that increase your brand exposure and give an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Distinctive printing techniques will promote your brand and grasp the attention of your target audiences. Whether you want flashy visuals or taglines to be printed, just let our designing team know. We will help you by coming out with a solution for your desired packaging.

Our Wide Range Of Printing Techniques Includes:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexography printing
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Debossing
  • Lithographic printing

Packaging differentiates one brand from another as the product inside it cannot be tested if anything can convince a customer to trust your brand to purchase. Marketing tactics are carefully executed by rigid packaging companies that boost your sales. CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES packaging company’s house production team is extremely experienced and aware of current marketing tactics that will help your custom rigid boxes stand out from the competition.

We offer an evocative variety of breathtaking customizations with branding varnishing, flashy visuals, and an exclusive font style that persuades the audience to buy your product. CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES has several templates to offer; however, if you have any suggestions, our professionals will be there to assist you in converting your vision into a compelling masterpiece.

Wide Range Of Finishing Methods

The only way to impress your customers is distinctive packaging and a professional finish. CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES offers multiple finishing methods for your custom rigid boxes that offer an extremely lustrous finish. Some of them are listed below.

Our finishing options include:

  • Matte lamination
  • Gloss lamination
  • UV spot
  • Varnishing

The UV printing technique is quite popular and is immensely used by CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES manufacturers to give your ice cream boxes a glossy look. Glossy and matte lamination gives your rigid packaging boxes a more luxurious look. Hence it maximizes the chance of customers choosing your product.

Why Are Luxury Rigid Boxes So Important For Your Business?

Custom rigid boxes are multifunctional boxes that can pack various things. They are famous for the extreme protection they provide to your product. Retailers use them to pack multiple products like soap, cosmetics, candies, and many more. However, these packages serve as a branding message to attract potential buyers. Usually, they are kept on counters, racks, or shelves where all customers can easily see them.

CLB serves as a perfect way to market brand-new products as one of the top rigid box supplier. Hence these boxes should be cautiously designed considering marketing tactics and the target audience. CLB's marketing team is well versed and serves millions of consumers worldwide. Our marketing techniques are trusted; hence we know how to design boxes that make your product visible to the public eye.

Unrivaled Customer Service

Our 24/7 customer service provides a more convenient way to process your order faster. Feel free to contact our call representatives. Moreover, you can avail free shipping all over the town. CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES also provide free design support services. Visit our web page and get an online quote now.

Whether you have a problem selecting a material or customization options, our designers will be there to use their pool of knowledge to help you achieve your desired target in designing your custom tie packaging box.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Boxes

Due to mounting packaging waste, many brands have adopted green packaging solutions to minimize waste. Most brands have taken the initiative towards an environmentally friendly world by producing the finest quality eco-friendly, sustainable, and bio-degradable boxes.

CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES completely endorse a sustainable lifestyle and contribute, proving as a trustworthy brand by producing a vivid range of distinctive packaging of eco-friendly boxes. We use soy-based printing ink that ensures no toxic gases are released into the atmosphere.

Fastest Turnaround Time

CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES is known to have the swiftest turnaround time as we believe that the company's utmost success is in its consumer's satisfaction. And satisfying the consumer means delivering quality content within the promised deadlines. Hence CUSTOM LUXURY BOXES teams up with the most reliable and authentic shipping partners that ensure a safe and quick delivery.

Whether your order is light or bulky, we cater to all types of orders. Contact our customer support now to place your order!

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