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Custom Made Luxury Gift Boxes

Sharing gifts with your loved ones has become a tradition in every culture. People always prefer a good presentation for their gifts boxes. Whether your loved ones or business associates, making your gift presentation, in particular, can make them feel exuberant and joyous. A gift is not an item but a definition of showing your adoration for someone. The custom luxury boxes (CLB) offer the best custom luxury gift boxes for you to show your devotion. Our unique packaging adds an exclusive touch to your gifts.

We know how valuable your gift is for you. We provide you with excellent packaging solutions to keep it secure and safe. You can choose from our variety of designs, themes, and artwork. Whether you want to make two-piece pieces with rigid construction or folding assembling, we provide you with custom Luxury gift packaging boxes as per your purpose.

Moreover, we cater to all kinds of themes that make your curated gift boxes appropriate for the events like birthdays, businesses, festivals, etc. Our luxurious top-notch luxury gift boxes with ribbon have a lot of space and are manufactured from sturdy protective materials. Whether you want to personalize it for your small items like earnings or edible things like cake, we provide you with wholesale gift boxes that fulfill your packaging needs.

What is Luxury Packaging?

Your luxury gift item creates an elevated experience for your loved ones. Shouldn’t its packaging be also luxurious and do the same? Consumers start making a judgment about your gift just by looking at its packaging. An elegant packaging provides the consumer with a sense of quality and exclusivity.

Luxury packaging is unique packaging. It includes better design,  development, and manufacturing to display your product. When a product is luxuriously wrapped, it appeals to the customer and is willing to spend more on the product. Luxury packaging includes quality material that secures the product and high-class finishing and printing, which exclusive the appearance of the brand on the shelves.

If you are looking for luxurious packaging for your custom luxury gift boxes, we are here for you. At CLB, we provide you with elegant, functional luxury gift box packaging that can enhance your brand's image. Our enthusiastic graphic team will provide you with luxurious gift packaging boxes designed creatively and artistically.

Enjoy Added Perks And Experience the Best Custom Gift Boxes

Every company looks for a better packaging solution for their gift boxes. CLB is one of the pioneer luxury gift box companies and has mastered the art of packaging, combining innovative solutions, industry experience, and state-of-the-art technology. Therefore we provide you with a wide range of premium quality luxury gift boxes wholesale at unbeatable packaging. Once you choose us, you can take advantage of tons of benefits. We are the best choice because

  • Our boxes provide safe and secure packaging for your valuable gift.
  • We never compromise on quality.
  • We provide you with innovative printing solutions at unbeatable prices
  • No restriction on minimum order
  • We offer free delivery on bulk orders with the fastest turnaround time
  • Our materials are 100% biodegradable and recyclable
  • We provide customers with complimentary design support
  • Our custom design gift boxes are highly competitive and cost-effective.
  • Our expert customer service is available 24/7 to guide you in making the right decision.

High-Quality Material

We believe the material is the essential thing for every business success. To manufacture the best product for our customers, we provide luxurious gift boxes of high-quality material. CLB has always chosen the best for its customers. Some materials we use for making our custom gift boxes are:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Corrugated 

To protect gift items, it is essential to use a flexible and rigid material. Cardboard is the best durable and reliable material for designing different gift boxes. Also, cardboard material is the most suitable quality packaging for custom gift boxes wholesale. 

Whatever material you choose, we offer you top-of-the-edge gift boxes which can be easily molded in any shape or size. Just let us know your preference or choose from our Website. We ensure that all materials are up to quality standards and never disappoint you.

Revamp The Outlook Of Your Gift With Our Latest Technologies

People are looking for ways to make their custom gift boxes look eye catchy and full of style. We provide you with an opportunity to design and customize gift packaging with our latest technologies. Any shape, style, or size we can customize in a minute. Some of our breath-taking customization techniques include:

High-class printing machinery

Our latest printing techniques can make your luxurious gift more special by customizing it in various colors. To make your birthday gift special, you can give different themes similarly. If it's valentines day, you can provide a red piece. To manufacture these custom gift boxes with smudge-proof results, we use high-quality inks such as

  • CMYK 
  • PMS

Our designer's expertise in producing quality designs and our high-class printing techniques help implement them on the packaging. Some of our high-class printing techniques include

  • Offset presses 
  • On-screen printing 
  • Digital printing 
  • Flexography printing.

Moreover, our latest printing machinery can make your custom luxury gift boxes more exciting and stunning by different printing methods. Like you can add text or message printed on them. If you want to promote your brand, you can add the brand logo printed on your business gift cards, or if it's a wedding gift, you can have a congratulations message printed on gift boxes. If you want your brand to be the top-selling brand, our top-class printing, and exciting inks can raise the value of your gift packaging. 

Impeccable Finishing Options

Every consumer always looks for ways to make their loved ones excited. With our creative finishing technology, you can craft your gift packaging in stylish patterns to increase their excitement while opening the package. We have several creative finishing options:

  • Foil stamping
  • Glossy/matte lamination
  • UV coating
  • Die-cutting
  • Embossing 
  • Raised ink
  • Debossing 

With our fascinating finishing options, we can transform your thoughts into reality. Vibrant colors or simple artwork, whatever your choice is, our designer can decorate your custom gift boxes depending upon your occasion.

Furthermore, we also offer additional add ons like bands, bows, ribbons, etc. Our designers can accordingly decorate your custom printed gift boxes with various accessories for different occasions. You can enhance the shelf value of the product with our luxurious gift boxes.

Die-Cutting Methods

A customized gift box should be beautifully designed to serve as a bit of a treat for customers. Proper packaging can make your gift quite special. With CLB, you can get everything you desire. With our modern die-cut method, you can add any shape or window to your gift packaging boxes. Your customers can have a glimpse of your product. Moreover, some gifts need high protection like watches we can offer you hinged style for easy access or two-piece sets for more Grace.

Just let us know your demand. Our luxury gift packaging boxes are glue-free and flexible. If you want a cake shape box for a birthday or card shape for a business event, our experts are here to assist you and ready to transform your gift boxes to piece of art.

Efficient Packaging Machinery

A modern and updated machinery can protect, preserve and present your product effectively. You can take advantage of gift packaging manufactured with the latest packaging machinery at our company. Some of the machinery we use are:

  • Case erector
  • Carton filler
  • Rotary die cutters
  • Printing machines

All the machines are up to quality standards and are regularly audited by our speculation team. We packed your gift boxes with specialized machinery that makes them highly durable and attractive.

Elevate Your Brand With Our Gift Boxes

It's no surprise that beautifully customized luxury gift boxes with lids can enhance the gift packaging. Moreover, these boxes can leave an incredible impression on the customer's mind. Many businesses are looking for custom luxury boxes for promoting their brands. Once you choose our company, your gift boxes are set apart from other competitors. These boxes will attract new shoppers and keep retaining the existing customers. We serve you a dual purpose which is packaging plus promoting your brand.

Whether you want to print your logo, company details, or any other message, we are here to improve the perceived value of your brand. These boxes with your logo printed on them and imposing color themes are inspirational to make your product worth noticing in the customer's eye.

Connect With Us Now To Get Ideal Size Gift Boxes

To get ideal-sized gift boxes, take advantage of our easy ordering process. You have to fill out specifications forms to get a quick quote. Or you can call our supportive customer care, who are always there to help you. We make every possible effort to answer your queries. Our minimum order limit is 25 provided at wholesale rates. We deliver your order to your doorstep.

Order now! And obtain the best packaging for your gifts!

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