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Luxury Apparel Boxes:

Want to present your Apparel items creatively? You need not look anywhere other than Luxury Apparel Boxes by CLB. With our wide range of custom luxury retail packaging, you can prototype your apparel brand. This luxurious version of custom boxes can single-handedly cover a vast range of businesses and make them distinctive in the competitive market. If you are running a shoe business and not getting your planned return on investment, you need to integrate your business with Custom Luxury Boxes, and for sure, it will raise customers’ interest towards your brand. For us, the meaning of custom luxury box packaging is to provide a luxurious getup to your products that not only shelters their uniqueness but presents them to your customers in a well-organised manner. You must give your customers a VIP honour by presenting them with your products in these boxes. Whether it’s about Shoe Boxes, Perfume Boxes, or even Shirt Boxes, your brand needs to be treated in a luxurious way to give you maximum return on investment.

Luxury Apparel Boxes

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Luxury Apparel Boxes

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Luxury Apparel Boxes

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Luxury Apparel Boxes

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Luxury Apparel Boxes

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Luxury Apparel Boxes

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Luxury Apparel Boxes

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What is Luxury Apparel Boxes?

Luxury apparel boxes is the process of designing, evaluating and apparel production packages in luxury styles. People buy luxury items to make a rich impression on others. The purchasing of luxury goods typically involves a person's status. Businesses package items in boxes that range from basic to luxurious, depending on the customer's purchasing power. Similarly, different boxes are used by businesses and companies depending on the value of their products.

Their luxury is enhanced by embossed and debossed logos and phrases. The use of gold, silver, and copper foils, as well as Matt and Gloss coatings, extends the life of the cards. Boxes with handles make life easier for their users. These are adaptable, allowing stores and customers to use them based on storage capacity.

Advantages of Custom Apparel Boxes

Fashion is all about keeping up with the latest styles. With this in mind, you'll need an luxury apparel box that is both fashionable and strong. CLB offers a wide range of apparel packaging that displays your company's features with high-quality materials and exceptional printing techniques. We always seek to meet your creative ideas, no matter what unique box you have in mind.

People benefit from these lavish boxes in several ways for a variety of reasons. Our custom apparel boxes are designed to make our deserving customers' lives easier. Depending on the type, their lovely forms and shapes add to the value to luxury clothing gift box. These luxury apperal boxes are the best in the premium packaging market. For clients and bulk sellers, they are long-lasting and dependable.

Wholesalers can boost their profit margins by packaging their apparel in these high-end boxes for luxury goods. It has been established that businesses that use our luxury fashion boxes have raised their profits in a short time.

Personalized Luxury Apparel Boxes:

When it comes to shipping apparel products, getting personalized luxury clothing packaging for your powerful branding becomes a practical option. As the apparel sector grows, so do client expectations. The only thing that gives you a competitive advantage in this developing sector is your high-quality clothes and its luxury brand packaging.

Custom Apparel Boxes:

Customers will be impressed by your lingerie, blouses, stockings, undergarments, sweaters, tops, and pants when they see them in customized luxury apparel boxes. They're also essential for the secure delivery of e-commerce clothing orders. Amaze walk-in buyers by beautifully presenting your high-end clothes in unique luxury apparel boxes for retail purchasing, and making your product their favorite pick.

Whatever you need, we have it prepared with custom-sized boxes, full-color graphics, a wide range of designs, materials, and flourishes. Create your custom boxes using an easy-to-follow design procedure.

Choose your dimensions (small, medium, or large), package style from our selection, material from available selections, and mix and match colors, designs, or textures for boxes that stand out at first glance — it's that easy just like a piece of cake!

Why Use Luxury Apparel boxes?

Going creative, fashionable, and out of the box with your product category packaging is the only approach to maintain apparel enthusiasts connected with your brand's attire. Whichever product you're selling, customized apparel boxes will help you stand out from the crowd, attract shoppers to try on your outfits, and serve as a brand ambassador.

Printing Technologies

Your custom apparel box will need to be printed if you want your packaging to seem luxurious. You may simply print your company's logo or name on the boxes. However, no matter how small the print is, it must be done exactly, which is what we at custom luxury boxes strive for. We are aware of this and, as a result, we do not take any chances with printing. On your boxes, we may print the simplest and most complicated designs. All you have to do is give us a clear picture of what you're looking for.

Our printing team works around the clock to ensure that you get exactly what you want to be printed on your luxury apparel packaging. PMS, CMYK, heat printing, and embossing and debossing are some of the procedures we use to print these boxes precisely.

The printing techniques ensure that the design is printed properly, the colors are vivid, and everything is clear. These luxury packages are beneficial to our valued clients in increasing the appeal of their products to potential buyers. This aids you in achieving your ideal custom apparel box.

Why Choose Us? 

Custom luxury boxes is a company that specializes in the creation of packaging boxes. For instance, we manufacture wholesale apparel boxes. All you have to do is tell us the size and shape of the boxes, and we'll make them. We sell these boxes at a discount to our customers, making them very affordable. In addition, we use dependable materials to ensure the boxes' durability.

Creating personalized apparel boxes is a time-consuming procedure, but with us, it is simple. For all of your packaging needs, we provide you with an easy solution. We provide luxury apparel boxes wholesale printing and production services to meet all of your product and brand presentation requirements, ensuring your company's market success.


We use high-quality techniques to create environmentally friendly luxury apparel packaging. In the production of these packages, we solely employ environmentally safe components. The cardboard used is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. They are non-toxic and have no adverse effects on the environment.

Design Support: 

Our main purpose is to deliver high-quality custom apparel boxes as well as competent design advice to our customers. Customers also like our free design assistance. On request, we can also provide flat and 3D mock-up designs.

Fast-shipping services: 

We have a solid reputation for delivering customized apparel packaging on time. Customers have the option of choosing between standard and express delivery. Our clients appreciate our quick responses and on-time deliveries.


Custom Luxury Boxes is a top-notch clothes packaging company that specializes in unique box designs, graphics, and materials. The box features high-resolution graphics and designs and is available at wholesale prices. The boxes are constructed of high-quality materials, and the variety of materials used ensures that they will last for many years. The features and specs are as follows:


You can set the length, width, and depth of the box according to your requirements


100 - 500,000

Standard Method:

Dinking, Adhesive bonding, Press score

Selections Options:

Offset, Printing, No printing, CMYK, PMS, Heat stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Multi-color foil printing, PVC Sheet, Custom Window Cut Out, Raised Ink, Window Patching


10 pt. – 28 pt, Kraft Paper, Card Stock, Art Paper, Ivory Paper Board, Specialty Paper, High-Density Board, Corrugated Fiberboard


Matte, Gloss, Spot UV


Physical sampling, flat view, 3D model

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You'll need unique apparel boxes to keep your products safe while also giving them a luxurious appearance. They are utilized to persuade customers to buy your products. They can withstand changes in temperature and moisture. If you use adequate packing material, your items will not be harmed. We only use high-quality packaging.

The strength of our boxes, which are made of high-quality material, is well-known. These packages offer a variety of printing options. The usage of well-known color techniques like CMYK and PMS enhances the packaging's appeal. The coating protects the printing's fine details. It helps to avoid stains caused by oils and other chemicals. These boxes are both economical and environmentally friendly.

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