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Cardboard Boxes:

Are you facing product-breaking issues? Have you checked their packaging boxes? No? Believe me, if your products are not getting proper packaging, then your fragile products are in deep trouble. You must take urgent action by switching from ordinary packaging to Custom Cardboard Boxes by CLB. Kraft Boxes are built with highly efficient material to protect all kinds of products, whether small, fragile, or heavy. At CLB, these cardboard boxes are prepared with high-quality materials and usually come with three layering options. If you run a bakery, custom luxury boxes with logo will provide you with high-quality Bakery Boxes to preserve and protect your food items quite efficiently. We are also providing bulk Die-cut Boxes to pack your cakes instantly. Also, you can pack freshly made popcorn in our Popcorn Boxes. Handle boxes are also for your food items if customers want to carry food. For precious decorated items, we can provide you with our best Display Boxes that will offer aesthetic presentation with protection. We also offer Mailer Boxes for your e-commerce business to transport your products without damage. We have much more and are here to make your desires real.

Cardboard Boxes

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Cardboard Boxes

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Cardboard Boxes

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What is Cardboard Luxury Packaging?

Luxury boxes are made of cardboard and craft material to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Every dimension, style, and layout is focused on business-appropriate color schemes, logos, and symbols. We produce embossed and debossed logos or patterns with precious metal foil to make them more visually appealing to our customers.

People seek to purchase expensive stuff to make a luxurious impression on others. Clients' status is frequently present in the purchase of luxury goods. Businesses pack products in boxes that might be regular or luxurious depending on purchasing ability. Similarly, shops and brands utilize different boxes based on the worth of their products.

Luxury packaging comes in a variety of forms, including luxury storage boxes, jewelry boxes, garment boxes, card boxes, and brand catalog boxes. These are composed of cardboard and include a hidden magnet that allows these valuable boxes to close automatically, allowing customers to keep their goods secure for a long period.

Embossed and debossed logos and phrases add to their luxury. Finishing foil in gold, silver, and copper, as well as a coating in Matt and Gloss, increases their longevity. Handle-supported boxes make life easier for their users. These are flexible so that shops and customers may use them according to storage capacity.

Advantages of custom luxury packaging

These lavish boxes are beneficial for individuals in a variety of ways for various reasons, and the styles of the boxes may be determined by their use as you will use a shoebox to transport and secure your shoes. These luxurious boxes will make the shoes look even lusher. Similarly, our boxes are meant to make life easier for our deserving consumers.

Their gorgeous styles and shapes, depending on their kind, increase the value of the packaged products or things. These boxes are the industry standard for luxury packaging. They are long-lasting and reliable for customers and bulk sellers.

Wholesale sellers may increase their profit margins by packing their items in these high-quality boxes for luxury commodities. It has been discovered that the companies who use our lavish boxes have increased their profitability in a short time.

Cardboard Packaging:

People from all across the world utilize cardboard boxes. People might be seen utilizing these boxes to transport their essential goods from one location to another. These boxes are often used to convey large items. These boxes come in a variety of forms and sizes, and you can buy them in bulk from us.

The boxes may be used to build cardboard gift boxes or cardboard storage boxes. All you have to do is place an order with us, and they will create the boxes based on your specs, needs, and desires.

Why use cardboard boxes?

While many individuals utilize cardboard boxes for moving, many are unaware of their significance. These boxes are among the most suitable for your goods and products. They keep your items from falling out or damaging. As a result, if you operate a business, you can satisfy your customers with good packing, and if you use them for yourself, you will be pleased.

You may also shape cardboard boxes into any form and size. Furthermore, these boxes are quite lightweight. As a result, they are ideal for shipping products or boxes.

Moving boxes made of cardboard can also protect your items. All you have to do is pack the objects appropriately, and they won't experience any jerks, crashes, or other unpleasant experiences. This will ensure that your goods arrive securely at their location. Moreover, because these boxes are lightweight, you may simply weigh the things you're shipping to consumers.

Printing Technologies

For your packaging to loo luxurious your cardboard storage box will need some printing. You may just have your company's logo or name printed on the boxes. However, regardless of how little the printing is, it must be done precisely, this is what we at custom luxury boxes focus on. We realize this and, as a result, do not take any chances when it comes to printing. We can print the simplest and most complex designs on your boxes. All you have to do is provide us with a clear picture of what you desire.

Our printing staff works tirelessly to guarantee that you receive exactly what you want to be printed on your cardboard packaging. To print your boxes precisely, we employ processes such as PMS, CMYK, heat printing, and embossing/debossing.

The printing procedures ensure that the design is printed correctly, that the colors look vibrant, and that everything is visible. These premium packages are valuable to our esteemed clients to make their items more appealing to their buyers. This helps you to achieve your vision of custom cardboard boxes.

Why Choose Us?

We at custom luxury boxes specialize in the production of packaging boxes. For example, we make wholesale cardboard boxes. All you have to do is give us the size and form of the boxes, and we will make them in the same manner. We sell these boxes to our clients at a wholesale price, making them inexpensive. Furthermore, we employ dependable materials, which assure the boxes' sturdiness.


To make eco-friendly cardboard packaging, we employ high-quality procedures. We only use environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of these packaging. The cardboard material used is completely organic and recyclable. They are non-toxic and have no negative environmental effects.

Design Support:

Our major goal is to provide our clients with high-quality cardboard boxes as well as knowledgeable design assistance. Customers like our free design assistance as well. We can also provide flat and 3D mock-up designs on request.

Fast-shipping services:

We have a reputation for on-time delivery of customized cardboard packaging. Customers can choose between regular and expedited delivery. Our customers like our prompt response and on-time delivery.


Custom Luxury Boxes is an excellent cardboard boxes manufacturer that specializes in custom box designs, graphics, and materials. The box is wholesale priced and has high-resolution images and designs. The boxes are made of high-quality materials, and the diversity of materials employed assures that they will last a long time. The following are the features and specifications:


You can set the length, width, and depth of the box according to your requirements


100 - 500,000

Standard Method:

Dinking, Adhesive bonding, Press score

Selections Options:

Offset, Printing, No printing, CMYK, PMS, Heat stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Multi-colour foil printing, PVC Sheet, Custom Window Cut Out, Raised Ink, Window Patching


10 pt. – 28 pt, Kraft Paper, Card Stock, Art Paper, Ivory Paper Board, Speciality Paper, High-Density Board, Corrugated Fibreboard


Matte, Gloss, Spot UV


Physical sampling, flat view, 3D model

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To keep your products secure and also make them look lavish, you need custom cardboard boxes. They are used to persuade people to purchase your goods. They are resistant to temperature and moisture fluctuations. Your items will not be ruined if you employ proper cardboard packing. We exclusively utilize premium packaging.

Our boxes constructed from high-quality cardboard material is well-known for tensile strength. These packages come with several printing possibilities. The use of well-known color approaches such as CMYK and PMS adds to the attractiveness of the packaging. The coating protects the delicate details of the printing. It aids in the prevention of stains produced by oils and other substances. These boxes are both cost-effective and environmentally beneficial.

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